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the whole ships crew to bribe and befides that he was to make oath before [illegible] Governour of [illegible] place he went to concerning [illegible] imbarked on board his said ship and [illegible] there that if they [illegible] he should be obliged to put this [desponent?] down as [illegible] not one had gone off at Liverpoole under seventy or eighty [guinsas?] fifty [guinsas?] was [illegible] least any of them paid. and further that [illegible] said ships arrived at Cork on Saturday [illegible] twenty first day of July [illegible] and on [illegible] Thursday or Friday following in [illegible] night, Alexander Stewart , Archibold Mclaclane both [illegible] under [sentences?] of death. Charles Smith, John Porteus, were carry'd on shoar in [illegible] [illegible] ships boat by Matthew [illegible], John John Smithson, belonging to [illegible] said ship, and that the next morning [illegible] said [cavorley?] told this [illegible] that his friends the [illegible] Stewart, Mclaclane Smith and Porteous were [illegible] on shoar and gave their [servies?] to him, and that he had [illegible] difficulty in getting them [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible][illegible] [illegible] to climb over Pollaloe yards