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51 S Page

[Snepes?] Exr quald 250 _________apprs [appraisers] appd. ib Smith to Stringfellow BS 255 [illegible] overchd. 1 tithe 257 Spence Wm exempt from tax 258 Silveys adr vs Peyton et al 259 Selman et al vs Weeks 261 Snoxall vs Weeks ib Sandersons adx vs Brents adx 262 Suthard appd. constable 265 Stone vs Several 267 Sturdy's Extor vs Ralls 268 Sheriffs nominated 272 [Snepes?] Invy. [Inventory] retd 274 Spellman vs Sharpe &c 275 Smith & Co. [vs] Horner ib Sturdys Extors vs Ralls &c ib Snoxall vs Weeks 278 Stadler vs Hedgman 281 Spooner vs Hudson 282 Selden vs Lee 283 Same vs Lees Extor ib Smith vs Lee 286 Strother to Chapman lease 296 Scott to Scott Deed 299 Scott pay McMillan 1 day att [attendance] wit [witness] ib Samuel Wm admrs. qual'd 305 [Samuel Wm] apps [appraisers] apprd ib Smith vs Olliver 307 Strother vs Pollard 308 Stones Invy [Inventory] and apprsl [appraisment] retd 323

S Page

Selden vs Lee 308 Same vs Same 309 Silveys adr vs Peyton 315 Scott vs Hewett ib Stones will proved 317 _______Division Estate returned ib _______Apprs [Appraisers] appod ib Strother v Bridges 318 Shff [Sheriff] to return acct. cash & Tobacco recd 320 Smith et al [illegible] Nixon ib Scott vs Taylor 322 Suthard to Skidmore Deed ib Shelton heir at Law 321 Samuel chooses Guardian 325 Samuel Wms. appst [appraisement] retd ib Speake vs Hewitt 332 Sharpe vs Faunt 333 Scott vs Ralls ib Somerville vs Graham ib Stadler vs Hedgman 342 Strother vs Pollard 343 Selden vs Lee 344 Somerville vs Hooe ib Smith vs Lee 345 Snoxall vs Weeks 346 Sturdys Exr. pay several for atten [attendance] as wit [witness] 347 Swetman heir at Law 349 Smith et al Exa'd [Examined] 361 Smith vs Lynn 363 Scott vs Carter 364 Sanderson adr vs Brents adx 365