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Janry 16th 1720 I understand my cousin delivered you my note about the land [missing?] for wth Major Bolling and if the Council has not met since before you may make the amendmt following in their petition for the of council by me requested viz ye Mr Bolling Would Survey in tract two thousand three hundred acres beginning about two [illegible] below the main fork of Knibs Creek and so upwards, and [missing?] thousand acres lying between the north Branch of ye sd main fork [missing?] ye beards ponds of Flat Creek in Prince George County, and that surveyor survey [illegible] in one tract, if they happen to [illegible] upon one anoyr, that one Sabing may serve for all: I have some pursuers to joyn with me also I had not ventures for so much yet to tell if truth, My circumstances are not so low but I [conts?] save all ye land my self, the [illegible] council was so [illegible] to ye country, as to leave that matter in a manner as difficult as before, now the standing ye burgesses now willing to make it more [fuly?] as was our good [illegible]: pray as no body [present?] me in thy business; and yor cure herein will very much oblige Sr yor [alfortunate?] countryman and very humble srt Geo. Robortson Whom ye council has met and if and or is granted I desire it may be sent by a very frndly friend