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57 T Page

Tyler vs James 366 Tyler pay Robinson att wit 367 Thornton vs Molleson 369 Thornton Exr vs Patton 372 Same vs Roberstons Exrs ib Taylor vs Foushee 374 Threlheld nomd mayor 378 Tobacco sold at [illegible] 379 do at Dixons ib Tax list made out 381 Tobacco sold at acquia ib Tyler to Tyler Powr Atto 388 Turner Jonathan bound 393 Threlkheld nom'd [Ck?] 394 Taxes several overcharged with 400 Do ib Turner vs [Nooe?] 401 [Thrlheld?] qual'd as Col 405 Tas lists [esad?] ib Tyler vs Webb 406 Tyler vs Hedgman ib Thorntons Exors vs Roberstons Exor 414 Taylor vs Foushee 416 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 417 Taylor vs Foushee 427 Travis overchd [overcharged] for tax 429 Tyler vs Hedgman 432 [Tolliafferro?] vs Strother ib Tyler vs Webb 433

T Page

Tyler to Tyler Deed 445 Tyler vs Banks 449 Thornton vs Nelsons exc 459 Tuley vs [Dowles?] 465 Tyler vs [illegible]hugh 468 Tyler pay Mason atty wel ib Tharpe [pensioner?] 476 Taylor vs Withers 480 Same vs Foushee ib [Trunis?] [illegibl]e vs Carter 488 Tyler v Hardia 490 Tyler vs [illegible]hugh 491 Tyler pay Mason att wit ib Threlkeld vs Garner 494 [Tolsous? Tolsons?] Exor vs [Brent?] ib Triplett ad [Silly? Sully?] &c 495 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 506 Thomson vs Groves 508 Taylor vs [Sterne?] ib Travis vs Day et al ib Turner vs Nooe 511 Triplett vs Jones ib Taylor pay Allen att wil 514 Taylor [illegible] to Harrison [deed? decd?] 523 Same to [illegible] ib Tobacco sold 524 Thorntou [ovr?] Road 525 Taxes overch'd [overcharged] 536 Vide [See] T after R after W say [sic] page 80