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T Page Tyler vs James 366 Tyler pay Robinson att [wet?] 367 Thornton vs Molleson 369 Thornton Exr vs Patton 372 Same vs Roberstons Exrs ib Taylor vs Toushee 374 Threlheld nomd [nominated] mayor 378 Tobacco sold at [illegible] 379 do at [Dixous?] ib [Tas?] [lest?] made out 381 Tobacco sold at acquia ib Tyler to Tyler Powr [Power] Atto [Attorney] 388 Turner Jonathan bound 393 Threlkheld nom'd [Ck?] 394 Taxes several overcharged with 400 Do ib Turner vs [Nooe?] 401 [Thrlheld?] qual'd [qualified] as Col [collector?] 405 Tas lists [esad?] ib Tyler vs Webb 406 Tyler vs Hedgman ib Thorntons Exors vs Roberstons Exor 414 Taylor vs Toushee 416 Tyler vs Fitzhugh 417 Taylor vs Toushee 427 Travis overchd [overcharged] for tax 429 Tyler vs Hedgman 432 [Tolliafferro?] vs Strother ib Tyler vs Webb 433 57 T Page Tyler to Tyler Deed 445 Tyler vs Banks 449 Thornton vs Nelsons exc 459 Tuley vs [Dowles?] 465 Tyler vs [illegible]hugh 468 Tyler pay Mason atty wel ib Tharpe [pensioner?] 476 Taylor vs Withers 480 Same vs Toushee ib [Trunis?] [illegibl]e vs Carter 488 Tyler v Hardia 490 Tyler vs [illegible]hugh 491 Tyler pay Mason att wit ib Threlkeld vs Garner 494 [Tolsous? Tolsons?] Exor vs [Brent?] ib Triplett ad [Silly? Sully?] &c 495 Tyler vs Fitzhugh [500? 506?] Thomson vs Groves 50[illegible] Taylor vs [Sterne?] ib Travis vs Day et al ib Turner vs Nooe 511 Triplett vs Jones ib Taylor pay Allen att wil 514 Taylor [illegible] to Harrison [deed? decd?] 523 Same to [illegible] ib Tobacco sold 524 Thorntou [ovr?] Road 525 Taxes overch'd [overcharged' 536 [illegible] [after?] [illegible] page } 80