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Proceeded to the Examination of the Several Articals thereof and thereupon it is Ordered that the said Acco't asa it is no regullate be farely & transcribed and that upon his Making Oath to the {illegible} thereof he be paid out of his Majesties Revenue of two shillings {illegible} Ord'd that there be paid to Mr Henry Jovrin £3 s for Sundry slaves of very furnished by himself for Mr Coop last Aug Oath to be truth of his {illegible} On the recommendation of the Surveyor Gen'l the following persons were approved of as Surveyors of the said County for {illegible to end of line} Get Lyme James Taylor Aug'n Smith Charles Bashor Ward & Durry Suth Gent On appreciation for an addition of Justices {illegible} of the peace for P Geo family a new ? for that County ord'd for tohe County Ord'd that