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60 Y Page

Yancy vs Davis 84 Yates vs Kenny ibid Yelton James Admr qualify'd 88 Yates to Bruce Deed 110 Yancy vs Davis 112 Yates vs Kenny 115 Yates vs Johnson 117 Yelton Jas Est [Estate] appraised 123 Yates to Bruce deed 124 Yelton Jas. adm. qualify'd 132 Yates vs Campbell 167 Yancy vs Davis ib Yelton James Invy [Inventory] retd 201 Yates vs Kenny 206 Yancy vs Davis 207 Yates vs Kenny 237 Yates vs Several 258' Yates &c vs Garrard 369 Same vs Several ib Yates vs Brown 413 Yates vs Taylor 567 Same vs Same 576

W Brought from 59

Washington vs Edwards 116 do vs Waugh Exors. ib Ward vs Hewit & [illegible] 117 Wigginton vs Wells 119 Wallace vs Strode ib Woodrows Adm vs Newall ib Washington vs Shinn 120 Welford vs Chambers 121 Woodrow vs Foushee ib Willott vs Gaunt ib Ward vs. Dillon ib Walter vs Kitchen ib Weeks vs Weeks ib Willott et Uxr to Kendall deed 122 Warehouses Falmo. viewed ib _______________wts [weights] adjusted ib do at Acquia ib Waugh Gowrys will proved 123 _____________apprs [appraisers] appd ib [Waugh Gowrys] Exors qualify'd ib Waugh's Geo. & [Ro?] Guardn. apt. ib Washington vs Bell and Shinn 125 do vs do ib Woodrows adr vs Arrosmith ib Wells's admn. Bond 126 Waller & Wallers [Inspectn?] 147 Washington vs Robinson 167 Wigginton vs Norman ib Withers vs Edwards 168 Waller vs Barby ib do vs do ib Wigginton vs Wells & Uxr. ib Wallace vs Strode 169