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66 B Page Bayles vs Hardy &Uxr 363 Baylis vs Goughs Exor [Executor] 364 Bell vs Smock ib Same vs Sebastian ib Brown vs Brents [illegible] 365 Baille &c vs Groves ib Bullett vs Carter ib Bryant vs [Donphau? Douphau?] 366 Bell SB &c vs Smith ib Bells Exor [Executor] vs [Swetnam?] 367 Bowers vs [Nowles?] 369 Brundige and [CC?] vs Carter 371 Bullock vs Brown 373 Brookes vs Hill 374 Ballard to Hampton Pow [Power] Att [Attorney 377 Brooks pay several att [illegible] ib Burroughs et al qual'd [qualified] as capts [captains] 378 [Bussle?] Ov Road 379 Banks Do ib Brundige &c vs Hewett [illegible] 383 Bragg vs Balls Exors [Executors] ib Brown to several Leases 393 Bredwell to Sims Deed ib Brent nomd [nominated] Major 394 Barber overcharged for taxes 395 B Page Bredwell to Bolls bill sale 400 Bronaugh to Starke lease 401 Brent exempt from tax of a negro 402 Browne vs Roach ib Bronaugh exempt from tax of negro 403 Brown vs Bradly 405 Brown vs Holloway ib Buchanan vs Berry ib Blackwel vs Peyton ib Bragg vs Ralls Exr [Executor[ 408 Brundige vs Hewitt ib Bell vs Sharpe ib Briggs vs McKetrick 411 Bullitt vs Carter ib Brents [Exr?] vs Roe 412 Brown pay several att [illegible] ib Briggs vs McKetrick 417 Brent expt [exempt] tax of 3 negroes 418 Brent qual'd [qualified] a Major 419 [Bussle?] heir at Law ib Briggs [illegible] tax negro 423 Bates set Levy free 424 [Baent?] exmpt [exempt] tax negro ib Bells [Ordy?] Licence rend 426 Brown appd [appointed] Captain 430 Brown do ib