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71 H page Holloway to Painter Deed 525 [at bottom of H columnI I Fox. DCSC G page 71 Brought from 23 Grady to Porch Deed 391 Garrards will proved il Exr. qual'd il Apprs app'd il Green & Uxr to [illegible] Deed 392 Grinstead vs Hanks 404 Same vs Same 403 Gregory vs Strother 405 Graham vs Peytons adx 417 Gollohorne set levy free 424 Grigsby overch'd 6 horses 425 Grand Jury return their verdict 429 Gustine vs Chapman 432 Gough vs Latham il Green charged with horse stealing 440 Graham vs Somerville 455 Gunber v Cowles 461 Gough v Latham 462 Gallagher v Carter 474 Graham's Ordy License ren'd 485 Grand Jury sworn 487 Glasscock vs Carter 490 Graham v Peyton 492 Graham Goaler 495 Goitly et Uxr to Carr Deed 498 Grand Jury sworn 504 Gallagher v Keyas 506 See Gagain 6th page from this say page 77