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C [illegible] from 72 Page Catou v Tyler 491 Crap pay [Jones?] 492 Clarks [invy?] retd [returned] 497 Commissioners tax ret their property ib Curtiss [illegible] 498 Cox bound by recognizance 499 Carter expt [exempt] from tax negro 499 Court to set in the new C'House [Courthouse] 503 Catou [illegible] vs Allison 505 Same vs Brown 506 Catou vs Porters Extx 511 Same vs Knight 512 Cash vs Williams ib Crevy vs Wellsou ib Chapman vs Ballard 373 Chapman vs Armstrong ib Chandler vs Barnwell ib Cochran vs [De?] [baptist?] 514 Same vs Same 515 Cochran [pay?] [Taut?] 516 Same pay [Hanes?] ib Charles negro [tried?] for felony 521 Catou vs Garrard 529 Same vs Burrough[s?] 530 Same vs [Pechleu?] ib Collins vs West 531 Catou vs [illegible] ib