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Col. Hawell Harris do certify that on the 26th day of august 1831, we saw a negro boy the [illegible] property of Peity Reese shot known to be guilty of insurrection given uneedeand excel this 19th day of December.

[illegible] [illegible] Harry [illegible] Richard Moores

[illegible] the evidence do further certify a [illegible] [illegible] negro to be wrote theres a [illegible] of [illegible] gives [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] over hands this 19th day if December 1831

[illegible][illegible] Harry Moore Richard Moores [illegible] and [illegible] to before me Beny Griffin a [justice] of the peace for the county of Southampton this 19th day of December 1831. Beny Griffin