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1 A Armstrong Mary allowed to draw on the [warehouses?] 3 Ashby to Carr Deed 5 Same to the same Lease 9 Acquia warehouse to be [illegible] 13 Admisr de bonis non granted E Hore of S Bullen Est ib Adie [Benj?] [illegible] 14 Alexander Wm. appd Capt [illegible] 19 Armstrong Mary to receive [illegible] 20 [illegible] delivered her 21 Allen James will proved ibid ______Excr. qualified ibid ______Appraisers appointed ibid ______Appramt. retd. 25 Arrowsmith Thos land [illegible] condemn'd 28 Alexander Wm qualified as a Justice 32 Arrowsmith Thomas the Jury make a rept. [illegible] of his ground [illegible] 55 Alexander and Knox to the [Hedgmand?] ibid Allens Excrs vs Arrowsmith 67 Same vs Bolling ibid Anderson and Wyatt vs Bruce 67 Alchison Adams will proved 69 _____ Apprs, apprd, ibid _____ Exr. qualify'd ibid Alexanders Exors summoned 71 Atchisons Inventory & apprais' [illegible] 75 Alexander John's Exor qualify'd 76 Adie's will put in the office 77 Allason vs Derhass 81 Mason vs Chinn & Edwards 83 ______vs Waugh 85 Armstrong [illegible] to Stringfellow [Decd?] 94 Armstrong James's Exr qualify'd 95 ______________ apprs. apprd ibid Armstrong to Stringfellow [Decd?] 96 Abbot vs Henson 102 Armstrong James app. retd 104 Adams with Hopwood [illegible] ibid Abbott vs Hinson 107 Allason vs Mountjoy ibid Allason vs. Waugh 114 do vs Green 115 do vs Taylor & Horton 117 do vs Horton ib Alexander vs Alexander ib Allason vs Johnson 118 A Page Allens Exrs. vs Arrowsmith 120 do vs Bollening ib Alexander's Exrs. vs Alexander 125 Allen Marys Admn. Bond 139 Allason vs Horton 168 do. vs Horton &Taylor ib Alexander vs Alexander ib Abbott vs Henson 170 Allens Exrs. vs Bolling 171 do. vs Arrowsmith ib Adie vs Hedgman 176 Alexander vs Alexander 182 Adie vs Hedgman 183 do vs Brown ib Allason vs Horton and Taylor ib do.vs Horton ib Alexander vs Several 187 Anderson vs Rogers ib Alexander vs Hardy 189 Alexander returns list taxble property 190 Arrowsmith to Woodrow Mortgage 195 Alexander vs Woodrow 205 Allason vs Horton 207 do. vs do. ib Alexander vs Alexander ib do. vs do. ib Alexander vs Kendall 212 Allason vs Waller ib Allen vs Brown ib Alexander vs Kendall 232 Ackoyd vs Horner 234 Armstrons v [Turnel?] 225 Alexander vs Frensly ib Adie vs Hedgman 226 do v Browne ib Allson vs Horton 227