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Alexander vs Markham 229 Same vs Lord ib Alexander vs Remy 234 Alexander returns list lands 244 Alexanders Exrs vs Kendall 228 Allason vs Mountjoy 259 Allason vs Waugh ib Armstrong vs Finnel 263 Alexander vs Ford 264 Arrosmith vs Simpson et al 268 Archibald set levy free 277 Adie vs Hedgman 281 Same vs Brown ib Alexander vs Alexander 284 Same vs Same ib Adie vs Hedgman 286 Allason vs Horton 287 Same vs Same 307 Same vs Same et al ib Allason vs Several 314 Allason vs Horton 327 Adie vs Hedgman 329 Allason vs Day ib Adie pay Adie atten [attendance] as witss [witness] ib Same pay several ib Armstrong vs Edge 332 Allason vs Barnett 333 Adie vs Hedgman 355 Alexanders Exrs vs Kendall 369 Arrosmith vs Simpson & Sharpe 370

A Page

Allason vs several 374 Allason vs Frensly 375 Allason vs Robinsons Extors ib [ibid] Alexander Ovr. [Overseer] Road 381 Allen vs Maddox 387 Ashby ald. [allowed] her husbands Land as Soldr 329 Arrosmith vs Simpson 413 Allason vs Several 416 Allason vs Stone 417 Arrosmith exempt from tax negro 418 Alexander returns a certificate that he had qual'd as Commissnr 423 [Alexander] expt. tax negro 425 Allentharpe apd Lieut. 430 Adie to Tyler Deed Gift 448 Alexander produces Comsn. acct 450 Arrosmith vs Sharpe et al 457 Alexander vs Alexander's adr. 459 Allen et al vs Arrosmith [no number] Same vs Jett [no number] Alexander vs Day 404 Same vs Lyon ib Same vs several 405 Allason vs several 467 Adie vs Garrard 474 Alexander v Alexander 480 Ashby pensioner ib Alexander vs Alexander 482 Allison Ovr. [Overseer] Road 498 Alexander vs Hunters Exors 501