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B Page Botts Sabinas driver reported 269 Briggs to Bell Lease 270 Bredwell pay Bredwell for atten. wit. 271 Ball to Young Lease 274 Buchan Robt. gives loud to opperate as [illegible] ib Brooke Robt. qual'd as Atte. ib Brown vs Peyton 275 Brundege [illegile] vs Hewitt ib Same vs Carter ib Butler vs Brown Brown pay Edwards for attendance as wit. ib Bridge Falno. received 278 Brown vs Routt 279 Bell vs Mullin ib Baily vs Phillips 280 Brent's Exrs. cs Mroe. ib Battalys Estor. vs Toushee 282 Barkley vs Sprigg ib Brents Exrs. vs Hunter ib Ballard vs Sharpe ib Bronaugh vs Donipham 283 Burnet et Mar. vs Edwards 284 Brookes vs Stringfellow 285 Brown pay Mountjoy 5 days attend 286 Barby [illegible] set levy free 290 Bells jury retd. ib Brown's Orphans choose their Guardns. 290 and 291

B 9 Page Brent Mme. adr. qual'd 291 Bruce vs Tyler 292 Bruce's adm. acct. sales settles ib Bell vs Mullin 293 Bell Pay Jones for attc. as wit. ib Barby vs Phillips ib Bullitt vs Several ib Botting pay Gregsby [illegible] attendance 294 Brent returnes Guardn. acct. 300 Bauks qual'd as Shff. ib Brooke vs O W Vestry 302 Battooc vs Bredwell 304 Brooke vs. O W Vestry 305 Brooke vs. Hill 306 Brookes vs Stundys Exr. 307 Byram vs Sithgow ib Burant vs Donipham ib Battleys Exr. pay attason 3 days att. 308 Benson et Mar. ta Couyers Deed 309 Browns adv. qual'd 311 Bullock vs Brown 312 Berdge Talino. Exa'd ib Brooks vs. Hill 373 Battooe vs Bredwell 374 Bragg vs Ratts 375 Bell vs Sharpe ib Same vs Palmer ib Byram's slaves Duriscou of retd. ib Brents Est. apprd. 316 See B again after W Page 65