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10 C Page

Combs to Combs Derd. 3 Crosby et Uxr to Lawrence Washington Decd. 4 Crosby et Uxr. to Hudson Deed 7 Corse Levied 8 Carter Wm. bound out ib Chapman to Love deed 9 Carter & Uxr. to Bols deed ib Cooke John appd Colo. ib Chapman to Love deed 10 Cooke Mrs. an allowance made for ferry 12 Cassons Ferry rated ib Carter & Uxr. to Turner Deed ib Cary Edward appd Capt 13 Combs Joseph lst. Lie[u]t. ib County Levy fixed Feby 1781. 16 Courthouse place for erecting chosen 20 Carter Charles an allowance made him for pasturage 22 Carns Margt. allowance corn 24 Commission of peace from the Governor 25 Cox John will proved ibid ____Eliza renounces her [illegible] & Claims that of the law ibid ____ appraisers appd ibid Cox Eliza's dower given her 26 Carter Charles Ovr. [Overseer] of the road ibid Carter & Uxr. to McKitrick deed 27 Cox Sarah's dower given her 28 Careys and Hooes bond to the Governor 30 Carns Margaret to receive corn 33 County to be laid of into districts Ibid ______ commissioners names Ibid Cropp John overseer of the road 34 Cary Edward overseer of the Streets Falo. [Falmouth] ibid Craigwell Wm appd. comsnr at Falmo ibid Commisnrs of valn lands to have their Ests. assest [assessed] ibid Craighill Wm. granted an ordinary Licence 35 Chambers John summoned to Court ibid Claims of property for Public service adjust. with [illegible] of arms, forage &c for the Army & an order to pucsh. [purchase] them 36 to 54 Crop James ordinary Licence renew'd 55 Certificates for property impressed for the use of the Army Contud. [Continued] 56 to 57 do [ditto] 58 County Levy an estimate of 60 Certificates for property impressed for the use of the Army 61 62 Chism Wms. son to be bound out ibid


Cary Edward nomd. receiver 63 Carter Charles an allowance made him 64 Cornet Joseph bound out ibid Commonwealth vs Smiths 65 Chambers vs Vowles 66 Carter vs King ibid Cox vs Edwards 67 Certificates for property impressed for ye army 68 Campbell John bound out ibid Cox vs Edwards ibd Cary Edwards bond ackd. 69 Certificate to James Lyons ibid do [ditto] 70 Chin James will proved ibid __________ apprs [appraisers] appd. ibid __________ Excx. qualify'd. ibid Cary, Edwards accts. retd ibid Certificates recd 73 Commonwealth vs Smiths ibd Cooke vs Rogers 74 Certificates recd ibd Cooper Jesse appd. Overseer ye road 76 Certificates recd 77 Carter & Uxr. to Norman Deed 78 Certificates recd 79 Commonwealth vs Smiths 80 Chapman vs Lee 81 Cliftons Orphans vs Cliftons Exrs ib Comsrs. for Land Tax appd 81 _______for [afcg?] loss [Coty?] appd 82 Cheshire vs Inness ibd Carters Trustees vs Turner 83 Carters vs Chinn & Uxr. ibid Carr vs Chinn ibid Chadwell vs Murphy 84 Carter J vs Carters Exrs ibd Carter vs Gibson ib Car and Coy vs Harding 85 Chinn vs Hewit ib Cary Edward's acct. as recd allowd 86 Certificates recd. in favor E Threlkeld ib do for property 87 [Certificates] do for property 87 [Certificates] Impressed 87