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C Page

Combs vs Ralls 340 Same vs Thornton ib Carter vs Carters Exr 342 Carr & Co. vs Waller 343 Carter vs Carter 344 Cox vs Butler ib [ibid] Carberry's Exr. vs Brents adx 346 Chapman vs Wcoe 347 Collectors of the [Coly?] levys to make accts 351 Combs vs Thorn 352 Collins granted Ordy [Ordinary] Licence 359 Cox bound to good behaviour 360 Same gives Secy ib Certificate in favour Edwards 361 Churchhill vs Sibbald 354 Cox vs Butler 365 Cooke to pay Presly et Al atten wit 367 Carter vs Mullin 369 Chandler vs Barnwell 370 Chadwell afsee.&c vs Gregg &c ib Curtiss pay Curtiss att as wit 371 Same pay several ib Carr & Co vs Peytons adm. 373 Same et Al vs Hedgman ib Same vs Same ib Chambers vs McFarlane ib Cockraine vs De Baptist 374 Carve and Co vs Several

C Page Courtney vs Alexander 375 Combs to Combs decd Carters [Invy?] retd. 380 Combs [Invy?] retd. 381 Carter Guardn. to Scotts Orphans 383 Carberry's Exs. vs Brents adx 389 [illegible] appd. 392 Coty Divided ib Coty Levy laid 396 Do 397 Chapman Contences retail Store 399 Carters adm. qual'd: 401 Appro. ib Carr vs Carter 407 Combs vs Ralls 408 Cox vs Butler 411 Chapman vs Armstrong 412 Carter vs Mullin 413 Chandler vs Barnwell ib Carr vs Peytons adc. 414 Chambers vs McFarlane ib Cochrane vs Debaptist 410 Same pay Jaunt att. wit. ib Carter [illegible] 418 Carter ept from lax 5 negroes 424 Chadwell overchd. 4 negroes 425 See C again after the Grafter W Page } 72