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15 D Psge

Dixons Deed to Richards 1 Day et Uxr. Deed to Threlkeld ib Day Thomas orphan bound out ib Doyle et Uxr. Hewit Deed 5 Dixon et Uxr. to Gavite Lawson sale of Land ib Doyle to Doyle Deed 10 Doyle to Reddish lease ib Devin Edwrd and Mary bound out 26 Davis Richard Overseer road 35 Douglass Archibald set Levy free 58 Dent vs Resing 74 Dent James prosecuted 75 ____ bound to good behavior ib Dent vs Cummins 80 Darnaby vs Lewis ibid Drake vs Johnson [no number] Doe vs Roe Norman 83 Dade vs Randall & Kenny 86 Darnaby vs Lewis's admx 88 Dickinson vs Horner ibid Doniphan to Smith Deed 100 Day vs Dillon 102 Dickinson vs Brent 105 Dickinson vs Craighill ib _________vs Henry & Jas Porter 106 Day vs Dillon ib Dickinson & Uxr vs Tilden ib Day vs Markham ib Duval vs Hill and Sanders 112 Dowess vs Latham ib Drake vs Johnson 113 Dade vs Massey 118 Dawel vs Winlock & Withers 118 Davis vs Garrard 118 Day vs Lawson 128 Dickinson vs Hardy 119 Day vs Latham 120 Dent vs Resing 121 Darnaby vs Lewis ib Dickinson vs Brents adr 169 do vs Carters ib do vs Henry ib

D Page

Dickinson vs Craighill 169 Day vs Markham 170 Day vs Rivers ib Dowess vs Latham ib Daniel Exr. Oneale vs Smithy 171 Dent vs Rising 172 Dowess vs Latham ib Doniphan Gerrard Ovr [Overseer] Road 175 Dade Langhorne qualified as Atto 176 Drake vs Johnson 177 Dawson vs McCullock 184 Duvall vs Hedgman 185 Day vs Mountjoy 188 Doyle et Uxr. to Holloway Deed 196 Doniphan to Smith Deed 200 Darnaby vs Lewis 202 Dickinson vs Carter ib Day SB for Day vs Faunt 204 Day vs Mallery 205 Dickinson vs Craighill 207 do. vs Brents ib do vs Byram ib Dent vs Rising 210 Day pay Proper 3 days attendance 214 [Dunnus?] Chas. will proved 215 Day vs Hooe 216 Doe vs Armstrong 223 Darnaby assee [assignee] & Lewis adx 230 Dickinson vs Brents adx 236 Doniphan Exrs. acct. settled 255 Darnaby Lewis adr 263 Dickinson vs Brents adx 267 Davis et Uxr. to Carter deed 275