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16 D page Digges to Carr Deed 277 Davis & Uxr. to Carr Deed 289 Dulany vs Ford 293 Doniphans adx accts. retd. 300 Doniphans adr quald. 301 Dulany vs Ford 304 Dickinson &c vs Pllcher 306 Dulany vs Ford 314 Dickinson vs Brents ads 318 Doniphan to Fitzhugh Deed 324 Dickinson's will proved 330 Day vs Mallary 339 Dickinsons Exr qual'd 340 Dalrymple vs Kirk 341 Davis at Uxr to Bredwell Deed 349 Davenport and Triplett vs [illegible] 362 De Babtist [sic] vs Markham 364 Doe vs Armstrong 366 De Baptist pay Several attendance 367 Doniphan Do [Ditto] ib [ibid] Dickinson vs Pilcher 373 Dickinson Invy retd 379 Delany vs Ford 383 Dowdall Ovr road 387 Drury Micl bound 388 Delinquents returns of 394 Daniel exempt from tax negro 403 De Baptist vs Markham 408

D Page

[Dae?] vs Roe 411 Days Invy &c retd. 423 Doe vs Chapman 435 Davy vs Hooe 439 Davis John bound 442 Day Thos. serve Vowles 445 Davis vs Ball 461 Doyle vs Day 464 Dickinsons Exors vs Horner 486 Doyle vs Edrington 488 [Deberneaux?] vs Brent 490 Dickinsons Exors vs Horner ib Dade vs Lowry 492 Dent vs Bell 505 Doyle vs Holloway 508 Dillard bound 510 Duncan pay Wigginton ib Doniphan vs Bryant 512 Dickinson vs Pilcher 516 De Baptist pay Collins ib Dick bound 520 Doyle et Uxr. to Morton Deed 523 Daniel vs Kendall 530 Dent vs Bell 531 Doyle vs Westly ib Daniels will proved 537 Doniphan to Robinson Deed 541 Doyle vs Westly 544