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28 I Page Jones William set Levy free 190 Jo negro charged with felony 193 Inspectors nominated 201 Johnson vs Lewis 203 Jones vs Hardy 205 Justices to take list taxable property 218 James vs Strothers Exrs 222 James vs [Adel? Adil?] 223 Jeffries vs Nowles 225 Johnson vs Lewis's Adx 230 Joe and Sam negroes whipped 239 James vs Strothers Exrs 240 Inspectors appd [Talmo?] 244 Justices appd [appointed] take list taxable property 245 Inspectors Dixons appd [approved] 249 Inspectors [Falmo?] quald [qualified] 250 Jones vs Knight ib James vs Brent 251 251 Johnson assee vs Lewis's adx 263 Jones vs Knight 266 Justices qual'd [qualified] 272 Johnson vs [Buchan? Buchau?] 275 Juliams adx vs JAcobs 276 Same vs Sterne ib Johnson vs Wells 276 Inspectors nominated 281 James vs Peytons Extors [executors] 285 Inspectors of Acquia quald [qualified] 294 Jett qual'd [qualified] as Shff [Sheriff] 300 James vs [Adil? Adie?] 307 James vs Brent 308 Justices nomd [nominated] 311