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Which was about half a mile below us and the Capt took such mens as he likt and sat down to conclude how we should follow them The way the Capt purposed was to dog them till night and then ly by till the brake of day and then fall upon them and kill them he said if we fired upon them in the day some would get away but we did not approve of his skeems and told him the ill consequence that attended it but he still insisted upon that way of procedding at length we desired him to go down to the fort with the best of the men and let us go after the Indians to whch he consented and went off to the fort and we after the Indians. The men that followd them were Adam Hermon Daniel Hermon William Hall Richd Hall Richd Hall Junor Tobius Clay Philip Clay Joseph Clay Berya angele David Currie Richard hines James Lyon and my selfe 13 of us. We followed them and overtook them at a peach orchard jest as they were a leaving it and we wated our opertunity and fired at them and followed them up till we killed 4 of them and wounded the other we skelpt them that we killed and then followed the other he bleed very much he went in to the river and to an island but we could not find where he went out some of the men left loking for him and went down to the fort and some went after the Indians horse but myselfte and 4 or 5 more we sercht the island till late in the afternoon and when we came to the fort the Capt and men were a handling the Indian goods and after a while the Captain told me we were all to be sworn. So we tarryed there that night next morning being Monday the 21 Jn's we packt up in order to March homeward for sign of Indians was plenty and we had but a little ammunition but before we left the fort we were sworn.the words of the oath I donot remember exactly but the intent of the thing was not to tell that we ever heard them