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Milley v [Han?] } Evidence Deed of Emancipation 8th Ap 1790. Will 1805 Decr. Cox depo's possession claimed her he held the land from the death of his father - [Mr?] Coats RF Branch - [he?] is raised in 4 miles of old Jo A. [son?] Rachel in 1806 run away from zg Ju = & went to Col Branch a magistrate he asked a me to go J Anderson he JA said he did not consider Rachael entitled to her freedom. I asked JA why he objected to Rachel applying for her freedom he said the right of possession had given Rachel to him - was raised in 3 or miles of JA & her never around other negroes to my knowledge was Rachel & her in [illegible] until a [illegible] sale he then bought one Jordan & myself were class leaders in the church in 1811 Tom Anderson moved away bought pork at his sale in August 1811 Jordan had loaned to [illegible] Tom a girl named Isbell who moved to Sussex after his son's death he brought her back I visited J.A. he said it was generally said they were entitled to their freedom I went at the request to see JA in regard to Rachael - He said

he said that possession had given him title & that was the reason he did not liberate them - & he had brought Isbell back in order to show that he did not intend to. I was raised in 3 or 4 miles of Jordan Anderson knew him from 1802 I am now 69 years of age this month. I lived in Chesterfield until 1823. at that time I remained from near him & since then know little of him I was at his house in 1842 or 3. Rachal had 3 children Patt [illegible] & Isbell she had others but I don't remember don't know Betty & [Esther?] know nothing of them. JA had no negros except Racheal & her child until 1817 when he bought a man. York Milly George & Amey were settled on the 33 acres of land given them by JA - it was called the free settlement Milly was kept by J the younger [illegible 3 lines] his father also after the death of [illegible] he had purchased land near his for them the children of Rachel had children but don't know their names