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injury and oppression of your Orators and Oratrices in tender consideration whereof and as your Orators and Oratrices are remediless in the premises at law and relievable only in a Court of Equity We pray that the said Culver Ford administrator with the Will annexed of the said Thomas Ford deceased, Hezekiah Ford in his own right and as Curator of the said Thomas Ford decd who together with Elizabeth Jones, Rebecca Jones, Sally Adams, Thomas G Ford and Mary his wife daughter of Abner Ford, John Harvey and Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Ford, Henry S Thornton and Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Ford, Henry G Roberts and Elvinah his wife formerly Elvinah Ford Burwell H Collins and Prudence his wife formerly Prudence Ford, Wm H Collins and Sopha his wife formerly Sopha Ford, John D Ford Elizabeth Ford, Peyton Ford and Patrick H Ford who are all the persons interested in the distribution of the said Testators estate be made parties Defendant to this Bill and compelled to answer the Several allegations thereof upon oath that your Honour will decree that said administrator pay to your Orators and Oratrices out of the said Testators Estate such sum of money as would have been sufficient to remove us to the State of Ohio and support us at first after getting there according to the bequest in the said Will and for such other relief as the nature of our case may require and as will be consistent with the principles of Equity and good conscience May it please your Honour to grant the Commonwealth writ of Spa and your Orators and Oratrices