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To the Honourable the Judge of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the county of Campbell The answer of Hezekiah Ford to the bill filed against himself & others by Tony[,] Harry[,] Jim[,] Jesse and others for answer said as to the provisioning of the Will of Thomas Ford Decd this repondant refers to the will itself a copy of which is made a part of the bill. When the will was offered for probate in P Edward court a contest arose during which time your respondent was appointed Curator of the Estate & took care of the same till the defendant [illegible] qualified as admr with the will annexed [illegible] which [illegible] your respondent has settled before commissioners & paid all to the said admr every thing in his hands as Curator belonging to the Estate. Thomas Ford in his lifetime owned a negro Jim, which he sold to [illegible] Harvey in his lifetime who now owns him Thomas Ford left no slave by the name of Jim at his death, Thomas Ford decd sold a negro named George to John W Franklin to which Estate he no doubt now belongs Thomas Ford left no such slave at his death, thus why also