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I Thomas Ford of the county of Charlott is weke in body, but in my perfeck sences. I firs reques my body to buried in a Criston like manner then I do appointe Robert Kelso my hole and sole executor, then I request for all my juste dwets to be pad first, - I reques that the hole of my land which is aboute fore hundred and sixty forer acers, it being the land whar I now live, and all the land I purses, to be sold to the highest bidder, one half to be paid down, the other halfe twelve [illegible] cradit, and I reques that all my houshold and ciching furniture and all my stock horses and cattle, and of every description, to be sold and all my crop of corn, Tobacco, whete oats to be sold, and the money arisen from the land and the abuve articles to go to pay my just [deets?] and the balance arising after paying my juste dwets return to the ginnorl stock: Now I sete my negroes free, that is, that the ar to be sente to the free stat by my Executors, their names is Tony, Hary, Jim, Jessy, Rilente, Thedrick, George, Ben, Sall, Fran, Lusy, Morring, Beckky, Nelson, Sary, Daniel, and it is my request that William a free child, that my Tom had by a free woman, may go allso with his father Tony: Now after all my dwets is pad, the above named negroes must have a sefichente quantity of money onte of my generl stock, after paying my dwets, as will carry them to the free states. Now if Sary a old negro aboute nearly seventy yars