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I Thomas Ford of the county of Charlott is weke in body, but in my perfeck sences. I firs reques my body to buried in a Criston [Christian] like manner, then I do appointe Robert Kelso my hole and sole executor, then I request for all my juste [just] dwets [debts] to be pad [paid] first, - I reques[t] that the hole of my land which is aboute fore [four] hundred and sixty forer [four] acers, it being the land whar [where] I now live, and all the land I purses, to be sold to the highest bidder, one half to be paid down, the other halfe twelve munts [months] cradit [credit], and I reques[t] that all my houshold and ciching furniture and all my stock horses and cattle, and of every description, to be sold and all my crop of corn, Tobacco, whete [wheat], oats to be sold, and the money arisen from the land and the abuve articles to go to pay my just deets [debts] and the balance arising after paying my juste dwets [debts] return to the ginnorl [general?] stock: Now I sete my negroes free, that is, that the ar to be sente to the free stat[e] by my Executors, their names is Tony, Hary, Jim, Jessy, Rilente, Shedrick, George, Ben, Sall, Fran, Lusy, Morring, Beckky, Nelson, Sary, Daniel, and it is my request that William a free child, that my Tom had by a free woman, may go allso [also] with his father Tony: Now after all my dwets [debts] is pad [paid], the above named negroes must have a sefichente [sufficient] quantity of money onte [out] of my generl stock, after paying my dwets [debts], as will carry them to the free states. Now if Sary a old negro aboute nearly seventy y[e]ars of edge [age], her nam[e] is above menchuned [mentioned], should not be able to go with the rest, she is to have anuf [enough] to seporte [support] her well, oute [out] of my genul [general] stock, that is if she says she cante [can't] go with the reste [rest], if she can go she must with the reste. Now this my last will and Testimony. I request my Exectos [Executors] and the Onuble [Honorable] corte [court] how [who] purhaps it may com[e] before may [see?] that my laste request may be complied with. Now if there is any more required for the above negros support at first when the[y] gite [get] to the free state the ar to have it oute of my genrel stock, - and after all my buve requests is complied with, then I give to my brother Hezekiah Ford, one thirde parte of the mon[e]y that remains in my gen[e]ral stock, after all the above stated mon[e]y and expencis is paid, or any other that may acur, that is resinble [reasonable] or lawful towards the above negroes being car'd [carried] away to the free State and not before, then I give to my sister Elizabeth Jones one forth parte of the money that will remane in my genral stock, after my [a]bove requests is compli[e]d with. Then I give to my sister Rebecca Jones one forth parte of the balanc[e] that will remain in my gen[e]ral stock, after all my [a]bove requestes is compli[e]d with & note [not] before. Then I give to my sister Sally Adams and to all my brother Abner Ford deceste children the balance if any in my genral stock, after all my [a]bove requests is settled to be eculd [equally?] divided between said Sally and