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To the [noble?] court of the Isle of Wright County in Chancery sitting humbly complaining show unto your honor your or oratrixes Judy, Nancy, and Venus that Tom be the whole brother of your oratrixes Nancy and Venus departed of this life sometime about the _____ day of _____ 18____ intestate sized in his demise as of fee and right of and in a certain tract or parcel of land lying in the county and bounded as followeth to wit: containing 71 acres according to a late survey made January 16, 1805 by Commissioners appointed by this court for the purposes of dividing tracts of land between said Tom and others. That the said Tom left at the time of his death your oratrixes his sisters and mother Siller and an infant brother Jesse Tynes his nearest relations who your oratrixes are advised are entitled to said land. Your oratrixes further state that the land if divided among them the mother and brother of the said Tom would be of little value that their portions would not be worth $100 each: in which case as there is an infant they are advised under the act of General Assembly of VA in such cases the land ought to be sold – They therefore humbly pray that your Honor decree a sale of the said land that you will after the costs of the suit are defrayed direct the balance of the proceeds to be divided among the complainants the said Siller and Jesse in such proportions as they are respectively entitled –