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To the Court of Amherst County in Chancery sitting - Your Orator Tobias (a free Negro) humbly complaining sheweth unto the Court that he heretofore recovered a Judgment at law in the Court of said County for the Sum of £5 V.G. with Int. thereon from the month of August 1807 till paid & Costs $23.09. against James Montgomery Admr. of John Campbell dec'd - late of said County, to be paid when assets should come into the hands of said Adm'r. a copy whereof is hereto annexed as part of this Bill. Your Orator states that the whole of the assets of said Intestate subject to the payment of said Debt in the hands of said Admr. are long since exhausted, as well as the means of acquiring assets farther, whereby your Orators Judgment as aforesaid must ever remain unsatisfied unless the Heirs, and legal representatives of said Intestate, be decreed to satisfy and pay the same, they being acquired by discent certain Lands of which the said Intestate died seized lying and being in the County aforesaid and have actually disposed of said recd. payment for the same, to a larger amount than the judgment aforesaid, and whereas yr. Orator is advised it is a principal of law, bounded in strict justice, "the heir should be chargable with the debts of his ancestor, so far as he has recd any thing by descent" - Your Orator prays that William Campbell, John Campbell, Jacob Puckett, and Betsey his Wife, John Campbell Jr, and Polley his wife, William Campbell, and Frances his Wife Crawford Puckett and Clara his Wife and Peggy Campbell (by John Campbell jr her Guardian) - which said William, John, Betsey, Polley, Frances, Clara, and Peggy are the Children, and Heirs of said John Campbell decd - as well as the said James Montgomery, Admr. aforesaid, be made parties Dfts to answer the alligations set forth in this Bill, to the end that said Court, may pronounce such a decree touching the premises, as may seem Equitable and just and finally that the s'd Court do grant all such other and further relief herein, as the justice of the case may require - May it please the Court &c &c - Garland Atty. for [Charles] Cowart