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hires. But this respondent did ultimately permit her to go to Grayson Court house to institute a bill if she could get any person to patronize her. This respondent denies any collusion with her. This respondent does not admit the statement of the complainants that he complied with the Law [that?] is induced to believed untrue for the following reason 1 The Law Complainant for a long time stated that he had taken the necessary oath before Minetree Jones one of the Justices of Wythe County when in fact the said Jones has declared an oath that he never administered any such oath to him, and when in fact the said Jones was at the time not a Justice of the peace. 2. This respondent since the institution of the Suit in Grayson County Court by law Hagar had a subpoena duces Tecum awarded to compel the complainant to appear with the certificate of his oath when he refused to attend. This respondent denies that he possesses or exercises any influence to prejudice justice & whenever any question is [illegible] which