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2 and begs leave to refer to the affidavit of Nathaniel Frisbie David Pierce John Kelley and James Grayham of the county of Wythe & Thomas Patton, Mark Johnston, Isaac Garrison, William Bourn (clerk of Grayson) John Baker, ["illegible]" Jones, (Sheriff of Grayson) Martin Dickenson (D. Clerk) and Churchwell Jones (The only D Sheriff) residents of the County of Grayson, whose affidavits the Defenant prays may be taken as part of this his answer. -

For the reasons that the Clerk did not issue supoenas to the last march Court in favor, of the Complainant, this Defendant begs leave to refer to his affidavit, or rather, the Deputy Clerk's Martin Dickenson who, does the business. This Defendant Denies that the Complainants sickness prevented her from attending her trial at Grayson Court as stated in her Bill and refers to the affidavits of Capt. Kincannon and William Cornwall - He was also informed by some of the nearest & candid Neighbours that tho' in the night raining and very dark, that the complainant started with Philip Gaines the second Night after her trial. sd. Gains having heard she had lost it, and lay out all night under a shelter of rocks with her tow children and the said Gaines, which this defendant believes to be true. This defendant also denies that the trial was had without a witness on her part as stated in her Bill of Complaint - and begs leave to refer to the affidavits of John Kelley, the prosecutor and David Pierce before refered to

this defendant Denies that an appeal was either entered or erraised as he is informed and believes. He believes that an appeal was spoken of, but one or two members

3 had left the bendch & another came on who refused to act as he had not been a member on the trial and no more was said, perhaps about it. She "[illegible]" but this Defendant refers again to the affidavit of Mr John Kelley prosecutor

This defendant positively denies that he ever sired any person whatever with a view to deprive the Complainant of witnesses without any cause of action, as stated in the Complainants bill of Complaint. But True it is that after the verdict and Judgment of Grayson Court in favor of thei Defendant he this defendant did go to a house of Mrs Ketrons (not Philip Gaines's as stated in her bill) in which the said Gaines was fortified with a lock and fire-arms, on the 31st March - But positively denies that he did break, or assist in any manner to break the said house, as Stated in the Complainant bill and begs leave to refer to the affidavit of Col Sanders. But a short time after the Door was broke this Defendant did go into the house, where the said Gaines was lying on a bed talking to Col. Saunders - and took possession of the Complainant without causing the least violence and told the said Crockett that he this defendant delivered her to him, that the said Gaines positively told the Complainant to go home with the said Crockett & behave herself well and he would treat her well that he the said Crockett was her master & also requested the said Crockett to send to James Ewings for her clothes and bed-clothes - and that nothing like irritation passed between the sd. Gaines Crockett & this Deputy and begs leave to refer to the