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4 affidavit of Henry Stephens Esqr. But this Defendant denies that he took her off or her children to the house of the said Crockett as stated in her bill of complaint. This Defendant denies that the complainant is entitled to her freedom, or that she was prevented from obtaining it by the extraordinary proceedings of the Court of Grayson or the actings & violences of parties as stated in her bill of Complaint. This Defendant denies that a copy of the record was not furnished under a pretext framed for the express purpose of rendering an application for a supersedeas fruitless as stated in the complainants bill and refers to the affidavit of Martin Dickenson the Deputy Clerk before refered to. The defendant having answered the Complainants bill begs leave to answer the affidavit of Philip Gains which accompanied the said bill as appears by a certified Copy from the Clerk of the honorable court, or such parts thereof as he is advised is material as it seems to be a supplement to the said bill. This Defendant supposes that the Complainant witnesses attended court as stated in the said affidavit, but denies that the Complainant attended herself. And could get no trial, as stated in the said Philip's affidavit. This Defendant avers that the cause was continued for the Complainant & begs leave to refer to the Record of the said Court of Grayson before refered to. And that this Defendant verily believes that her witness left the Court under the directions of the