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5 said Philip, or some of his agents, with an intention to prevent the trial. And I so informed my attorney (Capt. Evans) at the time the cause was continued. This Defendant denies that the Clerk of Grayson has undue influence over that Court or that its acts are oppressive as stated in the affidavit of the said Philip - and refers to the affidavit of David [illegible] John Kelley & Jas. Grayham [before?] refered to. This Defendant has been informed repeatly & knows of his own knowledge that no Clerk meddles less or interferes with the business of any Court than Mr. [Bourn?]. True it is that Ann Patton & Alice Jones were raised with the Complainant & came from Maryland to Virginia with this Defendant. But this Defendant positively denies that they were material witnesses for the Complainant as stated in the affidavit of the said Philip. Because they did not exceed nine years of age or thereabouts (they were twins) & from their age could not prove the impossibility of this Defendant having entered the complainant from strong circumstances as stated in the affidavit of the said Philip. True it is that this defendant did sue John Patton and George Jones husbands of the said Ann & Alice but not without any foundation whatever & with a design to intimidate them and make them leave the county for the express purpose of depriving the complainant of their evidence - as stated in the affidavit of the said Philip, and begs leave to refer to the affidavits of Thomas Patton (brother to the said John Patton and live in sight of each other) Isaac Garrison, another near neighbour William Carrico Allen Barber John Baker also near neighbours This defendant denies that Martin Dickenson assumed an