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9 the said Gains was fortified & this Defendant certainly had a great desire to get his Writs Executed, & did expect in case they were not Executed that night, that the said Gains would leave the Country before the Monday following. This Deft. begs leave to state that he had no intention of violating the Chancellor's Decree as stated in the affidavit of the said Philip Gaines and positively denies that he heard the said Crockett say that he the said Crockett had it and repeated it, as stated in the affidavit of the said Philip. This Defendant begs leave to state that by the unjust and oppressive acts of the said Philip he is now almost reduced to a state of ruin, that he this defendant can prove by good testimony that the sd. Philip instigated the complainant to institute a suit against him the said Philip to obtain her freedom, within a short time after this defendant was compelled to dispose of the complainant to the said Crockett, to enable him this deft. to prossecute his suit in [illegible] against the sd. Philip. That after the said Philip was informed of this defendant having sold the complainant as before stated, he wrote to this Defendant proposing a compromise to which the said Crockett advised this Defendant, but this defendant soon discovered that the sd. Philip was determined not to compromise unless this Defendant would give up the complainant to him for allmost nothing. That the said Philip has done every thing in his power to Harrass & oppress this defendant over