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12 This Defendant further begs leave to state, that he was at another time pursued to the Town of Salem in the County of Botetourt & attached by the s'd Philip for a debt of ten dollars, upon an account the said Philip purchased from another person, with a view as this defendant verily believes to prevent him from taking important testimony in Maryland in the action of Detinue, altho this deft had left sufficient property at home to have Six or eight times the debt, That the said Philip had also a small execution of about fourteen dollars which the s'd Crockett had promised the sheriff of Wythe he would pay of which the s'd Gains was actually informed by the said Sheriff, as this defendant is informed & believes. This deft. begs leave further to state that notwithstanding this oppressive act of the said Philip, he had received due notice from this Defendant of his intention of taking testimony in the state of Maryland - That his defendant was detained by this oppressive & unfair act of the s'd Philip thirteen days in the said Town of Salem, where he was entirely unknown & had it not in his power to give bail until he received twenty-five dollars from the said Crockett by a special messenger from s'd Crockett who was informed of my situation - That his Deft. then paid the execution & gave bail in the attachment which was afterwards dism'd by the Court of Botetourt which oppressive acts this Defendant has been compelled to submit to, for the want of the necessary means to defend himself against the man who has rejoiced in his tyranny and this defendant because he is unable to protect himself. This Defendant begs leave further to state that he came to the house of the said Crockett last Saturday