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13 day evening from taking testimony in Grayson - that the said Crockett informed this defendant that he had received notice from the said Philip, on the Tuesday evening before about three oClock in the afternoon, that on that day & the day following he the said Philip would take affidavit at the house of Almacine Marshall's - that the s'd Crockett informed the said Gains early next morning that he the s'd Crockett would take the testimony on that day between 8 & 10 OClock of Capt. Joseph Evans & a few others at Mr Friles Store oppiste s'd Marshall's & went over to the s'd Marshall's & informed the s'd Gains of his intention to begin & stated to him that after 10 OClock he expected the said Philip would begin & that both could take their affidavits in the course of the day. That the said Philip's reply was disagreeable to s'd Crockett. And the s'd Gains or Henry Stephens Esqr. then showed the s'd Crockett the affidavit of William Cowell, written in the hand of the s'd Philip, that the s'd Crockett informed this Defendant that he knew the part of it that said New River was high on the day the Complainants trial was held in Grayson was incorrect, as the rain did not begin to fall until the night of the first day of the Court - And that the said Cornwell did actually contradict a very important part of his s'd affidavit in answering the first question asked him by the said Crockett - & that the said Philip then answered the question for him & excepted the names of Frisbie & Carter for him - the said Crockett objected to the answer & believing Cornwell would be directed by the s'd Gaines, when in his presence & a dispute arising between the s'd Philip & Crockett, the said Crockett retired - & took the affidavits of Joseph Evans, Ja's Ward, And'w Kincannon George Avery & John Johnston which