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Idle vs Gaines etc This cause came on this day of Decr. 1815 to be heard on the bill answers exhibits examinations of witnesses, and was argued by counsel. Whereupon it appearing to the court that the plaintiff Idle in pursuance of a former order made in this cause hath been admitted as defendant to the suit brought in Grayson County Court by Hagar, a woman of colour, in order to recover her freedom, he the said Idle having previously suceeded in an action of Detinue brought against the deft Gaines, for the recovery of the said woman, and that on a trial of her suit brought by sd. Hagar as aforesaid, which was heard in the county court of Grayson on the 27 of March 1811, the jury found a verdict that the sd. Hagar was a slave on which said verdict the court rendered a judgment for F. Idle. And this court having this day recinded an order made on the bill & petition of said Hagar, granting her a new trial of the [illegible] found against her as aforesaid, and having dismissed her said bill and petition - for the final decision of which this cause her [hither?] to enter It is therefore adjudged ordered and decreed, that the injunction restraining the