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To restrain the defendants from compromising the Suit for freedom; brought by Slave Hager, against the plaintiff in the County Court of Grayson. Also to stay all further proceedings in the Said Suit in the bill mentioned (except so far as the Counsel for Said Hagar may think proper to proceed for the purpose of taking or perpetuating testimony on behalf of Said Hager) till the further Order of this court; but the effect of this Injunction is to be suspended untill the plaintiff enters into bond with sufficient security in the Clerks Office of the County Court of Wythe, or with the Clerk of this Court, in the penalty of One hundred Dollars, Conditioned for the payment of costs & damages, in case the Injunction should be disolved. Teste Henry J Peyton C.C.C. The bond required as above is filed in the Clerks office of Wythe County, with Robert Crockett Security in the Sum of One hundred Dollars J P Matthews A Copy Teste. G.G. W Kanzil, Shff 15th July 1808