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Virginia At a Superior court of Law continued and held for Washington county the 27th day of May 1814. Hagar a black woman who sues in forma pauperis for her freedom - plaintiff against Frederick Idle - defendant When this cause was called the counsel who heretofore appeared for the plaintiff stated that the witnesses for the plaintiff had not been summoned, the person who formerly attended to that business having left the State & he could not from his situation attend to any preparation out of court. He further stated that he did not expect ever to get the witnesses before the court as there was no person to direct subpoenas, superintend their execution and some of them poor and lived at the distance of seventy miles, he did not move the court for a continuance conceiving the facts not to warrant such an application . It is therefore ordered that the facts be certified to the Superior court of Chancery holden at Staunton & that the plaintiff was not ready to proceed to trial to ascertain her right to freedom, and that the defendant presses for trail. A Copy Test Andrew Russell, CS Costs of the trail at October term 1812 which were directed to be paid by order of the Chancellor made at Staunton on the 12th April 1813 $85 and which were settled by Robert Crockett on the part of the defendant Andrew Russell