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Idle vs. Gaines } Injunction On motion to dissolve Ordered that the plt. Idle prosecute his action of detinue agt the Deft Gaines with all possible diligence & that the proceedings on sd. judgm. should the same be in his favor, he suspended till further order - And it is further ordered that, in case said judgm, be in favor of the Ptc. Idle, he be permitted by the Court of law, in which the action for the freedom of the slave Hagar is depending, to defend the suit of the said Hagar in his own name & at his own proper costs.& for that purpose be entitled to demand & have from the proper officer, such process as may be necessary to make a compleat defence, and that on the trial the said slave Hagar be not permitted to use any evidence against the said Idle (who will then be the only proper deft.) any confessions of the said Gaines, but may, instead thereof, use the confessions & declarations of the said Idle. But should the judges in the action of detinue be in favor of the said Gaines, then the injunction is to considered dissolved & the slave Hagar permitted to proceed in her action sd Gaines, as if the sd injunction had never been granted.