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At Montgomery Superior Court of Law, on Saturday the nineteenth day of May 1810. Frederick Idle . . Plaintiff against } In detinue Philip Gaines . . Defendant This day came the parties by their attornies, and thereupon came also a Jury to wit, Joseph King, Reuben Ross, Randolph Ross, Robert King Jun. James Brattow Elice Dickers, John Anderson, Peter Straw George Anderson, John B. Goodrich, Benjamin Douglas, and Nicholas Dobson, who being elected tried and sworn, the truth to speak upon the issue joined, upon their oath do say that the defendant doth detain the negro woman Slave Hagar in the declaration mentioned in manner and form as the plaintiff against him hath complained and that the said Slave is of the value of four hundred dollars, and they do assess the plaintiffs damages by occasion of the detention of the said Slave to one hundred and Sixty dollars besides his costs, Therefore it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant the negro woman slave Hagar aforesaid, of the value aforesaid, if she may be had, but if not, then