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A Deposition filed. Agreeable to Commission to us directed from the Worshipful Court of Grayson, We have proceeded to take the deposition of Majr Minitree Jones, Question by Philip Gaines. "When did Frederick Idle come to this County with his family Answer. I am not able to say Question Did Frederick Idle ever take the following oath before you as a Justice of the Peace And on What day of the Month and Year did he do it. See the digest of the Virginia Laws page 80, Chapter the first Section the 4th. ans. He did Not. And further saith not. Given under our hands this 28th day of June 1808. Geo Currin William Bobbett The Commonwealth of Virginia: To the Sheriff of Wythe County Greeting We command you to Summon Frederick Idle to appear before the Justices of our County Court of Grayson on the fourth Tuesday in May next and to bring with him an affidavit made by him in Conformity with the Act of Assembly passed the 17th day of December 1792 entitled an Act to reduce into [one?] the Several Acts concerning Free Negroes and Mullattoes, to testify and the truth to Speak in behalf of Philip Gaines in a certain matter of controversy now in said Court depending and undetermined between Hagar a Slave plaintiff and the said Philip Gaines Defendant. And this he shall in no wise omit under the Penalty of $16. And have them there this writ. Witness William Boum Clerk of all said Court the 25th day of March 1808 and 32nd year of the Commonwealth W. Boum