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To the Sheriff or Constables Grayson County Virginia. Whereas Philip Games of Grayson County hath personally come before me Joseph Jackson one of the Commonwealth's Justices aforesaid to keep the Peace in the said County and hath taken a Corporal Oath that he the said Philip Games is afraid that Frederick Idle of Wythe County will kill him the said Philip privately or do him or his the said Games's property some private injury by poisoning his horses or burning his houses &c. and hath therefore prayed surety for the Peace against him the said Frederick Idle. These are therefore on behalf and in the name of the Commonwealth to command you jointly and severally that immediately upon the receipt hereof you bring the said Frederick Idle before me or some other Justice of the Peace to find surety as well for his personal appearance at the next Court to be holden for the said County and also for his keeping the peace in the mean time towards the Citizens of the Commonwealth and Chiefly towards the said Philip Gaines, Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of August 1808. Joseph Jackson "Executed G. G. McKenzie Sheriff" Grayson County to wit. Be it remembered that on the 25th day of August in the year 1808 Frederick Idle, of the County of Wythe yeoman, John Talbot of the same place yeoman, Abner Jones of the County of Grayson Yeoman, Martin Dickinson Yeoman, John Kelly Yeoman, William Bryant Yeoman, Joseph Jackson Yeoman, each of the County of Grayson aforesaid came before me Flower Swift a Justice of the peace for said county of Grayson and acknowledged themselves to owe William H Cabell Esqr [illegible] Chief Magistrates of the Commonwealth of Virginia and his successors