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The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff Grayson County greeting We command you to take Phillip Gaines if he be found within your Bailiwick and him safely keep so that you have his body before the judges of our District court, at the next court to be holden at Washington courthouse to answer Frederick Idle of a plea of [illegible] for a negro woman Slave named Hagar of the value of five hundred dollars damage five hundred dollars. And have then there this writ. Witness Andrew Russell Clerk of our said court the 24th day of August 1806 in the 31st year of the Commonwealth Andrew Russell Virginia, At a district court held at Washington courthouse the 7th day of October 1807 Frederick Idle plaintiff against Philip Gaines Defendant In Detinue Stephen Sanders comes into court and undertakes for the defendant that in case he should be cast in that suit he shall make restitution of the thing sued for, or the alternative value thereof as the court may adjudge, and will pay and satisfy the damages for the detention, or render his body to prison in execution for the damages, or that he will do it for him. A Copy Test Andrew Russell CDC