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State of Maryland, more than one year next preceeding such importation- that same was contrary to law, and entitles your petitioner to his freedom- Your petitioners Louisa Cog Habon and Eliza aver, that they were imported and brought into this state in the month aforesaid, by a certain William Alexander Jr, and sold to the said James M Selden, Esq. within two months thereafter, contrary to the act of assembly in such cases made and provided - and that your said petitioners are entitled to their freedom- Wherefore they pray that by Judgement of this Court, they may be declared free U.S. Heath for petitioners Annexed to which said petition is the following comment towit: " I admit the facts above stated to be true- I, Glenn, atty. of I M. Selden". Therefore it is considered by the court here, that the said William Alexander and Louisa, his wife, and their said children, Cog, Habon and Eliza, recover their freedom, of and against the said James M. Seldon, and that they be discharged from the service of the said James M. Selden-It is also considered by the court here, that the said William Alexander and Louisa, his wife, recover against the said James M Selden, the sum of four dollars, thirty three, and a third, cents, by the court here, unto the said William Alexander and Louisa, his wife, on their [afront?] adjudged, for their costs and charges by them about the prosecution of their petition aforesaid, laid out and expended, and that they have thereof their execution and so forth. Test [Arao?] Israel, Clk. In Testimony that the aforegoing is a full and true transcript of the proceedings in the cause aforesaid taken from the record of proceedings of Baltimore County Court I have hereunto subscribed my name & affixed the seal of said court this 26th day of December 1839 Thos. Kell. clk of Balto Coty Ct {seal} Maryland, Sct. I, Stevenson Archer, Chief Judge of the Sixth Judicial District of the State of Maryland, and Chief Judge of Baltimore County Court, DO CERTIFY, that the foregoing attestation of Thomas Kell,-Clerk of the said Court, is in due form Given under my hand, at the City of Baltimore, the twenty sixth day of December, Eighteen hundred and thirty nine-Stevenson Archer