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of three hundred and fifty three dollars and fifty three cents is principal, in part discharge of which debt this Court has heretofore rendered a decree in favour of the said Administrators against James M Payne the administrator of Thomas Brooks decd for the sum of Six hundred and thirty five dollars and fourteen cents with interest from the 1st of January 1844 till paid, which said decree is not intended by what follows to be set aside or impaired, and it also appearing from the report aforesaid of the Commissioner John Thompson jr that there is now in his hands the sum of two hundred and fifty eight dollars and thirty three cents, of which two hundred and eleven dollars and ninety five cents is principal properly applicable at present to the part payment of the debt due to Fielding Brook's' admr, and that the balance in his hands of twenty dollars should be paid to the plaintiff Lewis as against the admr of Thomas Brooks and the exor of Mary M Garland decd, but not as against Fielding Brooks's admr if it shall become necessary for the discharge of the debt due to him, and it appearing from said statement (Z) that the amount for which the said plaintiff Lewis is subject as against the admr of Thomas Brooks' decd for the debts due to Fielding Brooks's admr from Thomas Brooks' estate after crediting him with the aforesaid sum of two