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[left side of page] became necessary for the discharge of the debt due to him and it appearing from said statement Z that the amount for which the said plff Lewis is subject as against the admr of Thomas Brooks for the debts due to Fielding Brooks admr from Thomas Brooks estate after [illegible] him with the aforesaid sum of $258.33/100 in the hands of John Thompson is $249.61. The Court doth adjudge order and decree that the said John Thompson do pay to Meshack Hicks the admr of Fielding Brooks on the 1st day of May next the said sum of $258.33 with legal interest on $211.95 a part thereof from that day until paid [insert written on left side of page] in part satisfaction of the debt aforesaid duefrom Thomas Brooks estate to said admr to be applied in the first place to so much of said debt as remains after crediting thereon the decree against the deft James M Payne. [back to body of page] and that James M Garland exer of Mary Garland deceased do out of the assets of his testatrix in his hands to be administered deposit in the Bank of Virginia at Richmond to the credit of these [illegible] on or before the 1st day of May next the sum of $249.61/100 and file among the papers in there causes a certificate of said deposit on or before the 15th of June next. [right side of page is blank]