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Brooks exor v Brookes admr & Lewy v Brooks } The decree made in these causes on the 26th Sepr 1851 by which Jno Thompson Jr. the receiver of the Ct in this cause was decreed to show cause on this day why he should not be [arrested?] for failing to comply with the decree of this our Ct made on the 26th of April 1851, by which he was decreed to pay to the deft Meshach Hicks admr of Fielding Brooks deceased the sum of $258.33/100 with legal interest on $211.95/100 a part thereof from the 1st day of May 1851 until paid having been served upon the said Jno Thompson Jr. and he failing to show cause against the [serving?] of the said attachment, therefore it is ordered & decreed that a peremptory attachment be referred against him for failing to comply with the said decree.