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In Goochland Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery 21st April 1838 Thomas Brooks Plt against Meshach Hicks Admr of Fielding Brooks decd Deft This cause this day came on to be heard on the Bill, answer with replication thereto. Exhibits and Examinations of witnesses and was argued by counsel. On Consideration whereof the Court doth adjudge, order and decree that the Deft do render before Master Commissioner James B. Ferguson, an account of the money paid, and the value of the goods and other things furnished by the sd. Fielding Brooks in his lifetime, and by the sd Deft since his death to the plt and his Wife or either of them in execution of the Agreement contained in the Deed from the Plt to Fielding Brooks of the 23d day of May 1825, and that the sd Commissioner do also ascertain & report to the Court, the annual value or cost of the maintenance of the plt and his Wife during their joint lives and of the plt since the death of his Wife, according to the Agreement aforesaid, which Accounts sd Commissioner is directed to examine, state, settle, and report to this Court, with any matter specially stated deemed pertinent by himself, or required by either party to be so stated. A Copy Teste, Nai: W: Miller, D.C. The above suit now stands in the name of James M Payne executor of Thomas Brooks decd. N: W: Miller, D.C. John Woodson is now the Commissioner of the Court, and it is necessary that he should settle & file his Report in the Office by the 20th august 1840, to be in time for the next Court, so you had better see him at once & get him to appoint the day for settlement and give notice immediately to Meschack Hicks admr of F. Brooks decd [illegible] Nai W: Miller 10 Augt '40 To James M Payne Esqr