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Lewis Brooks (a pauper) vs Brooks Exr. &c }

Note for Defendant, Garlands Exr.

April 1851.

The plff asks that report of valuation of Suzy Brooks be confirmed & that the Exr. of Mary M Garland be decreed to purchase and liberate him. He submits that is too late for the Exr. to come in now with his answer and delay the freedom of the Complt. till all of the accounts in Brook's &c [Mrs.?] Brooks &c shall be adjusted If the deft. is entitled to any reduction of the price we suggest that the value of the negro be deposited in the Bk of Va. to the credit of this cause & the disputed matter be upwards adjusted, and that the guardian liberate the Complt. immediately. Apl [23rd?] Wm. for Complt.