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1842 June 23d Ord that M. Comr. Bryce execute the Order of 23d Sep 1841 & Rept 1843 Ap. 25. Decree entered 1844 Sep 25 Rep Recommitted to Comr. Bryce & to rept. & to bring down the acct into the present time & require acct of monies rec'd from Lewy the Pauper & examine Payne on oath & rept. &c 1846 Jany 22. Cont. Ap 24. This cause & the case of Lewy a pauper to Brooks exor &c. heard together & Except. of Dft Meshach Hicks adr Fielding Brooks to Comr. Rept. sustained & all plts Except. overruled & Decreed that James M Payne exor of Tho. Brooks pay to Deft Meshach Hicks adr Fielding Brooks $636.14 with Int. from 1st Jany 1844 till pd & plt Lewy having been placed in John Thompson jr's hands. as Rec'd to be hired out & the Ct. being of opinion that he is not entitled to freedom till the debts of Tho. Brooks decd are paid & the plt James M. Payne reimbursed for the difference between the sum of $140 recd from sd Lewy & $449.25 for which sd Jas. M. Payne as exor has bee charged for his hires & also the sum of $125 reported by Comr. to have been paid to Mr. Payne, the Ct. not now making any decree agt. sd Exor for the sd $125 orders & decrees that John Thompson jr recd rept. to the Ct. the amo. of hires now in his hands. (Rept filed 14 May 1846) 1847 Ap 26. Heard with the case of Lewy vs Brooks exor &c, on papers formerly read & the Rept of J. Thompson jr dated 21 May 1846, by which it appears there is in the hands of sd Thompson of the hires of the slave Lewy the sum of $65. & for the hire of sd slave for the year 1846 the sum of $65 is due, * decreed that sd Thompson, after deducting from the amo in his hands, $5 for his trouble, pay over to the Deft M. Hicks adr of Fielding Brooks decd $60. & that sd Thompson collect the hires for the year 1846, if not collected Y after deducting $5 pay over the [illegible] afsd hire to the Deft M. Hicks admr of Fielding Brooks decd in part satisfaction of $125 with the Int due therein which was mentioned by the Decree in these causes of 24 Ap. 1846 to be due the sd Deft. beside & above (see inside) Lyons Thomas Brooks & his exor James M. Payne vs Meshach Hicks admr. of Fielding Brooks decd. 1836 July 19th. Sub. issd to Sep R. 1836. Sep 5. Bill field & ansr of deft also filed ans'r rep & issued & cont. Nov. 7. cont Dec 5. Cont 1837 Jan 2 Feb 6. Mar 6. do. Ap. 3. Set for hearing by Plt at Apr Ct next Oct 20 Cont. 1838 Ap 21. Heard on bill ans. [illegible] & exam'd witnesses & arg'd & ord that deft render before Comr. Ferguson an acct of his money paid & value of goods & furnished by F. Brooks in his lifetime & by deft. Since his death to plt his wife or either, in exco of deed of 23 May 1825 & sd Comr. to ascertain & rept an: value or cost of Maint. of Plt & wife during their joint lives & if Plt since wifes death & rept with any matter sply &c 1839 Ap 18th Plt being dead James M Payne his exer makes himself a party[illegible] & Cont. [illegible] 25. Cont. Sep. 24 Cont. 18[illegible] Ap 27. heard with except. to rept & ord that the rept & except. be ref'd to Comr who is to execute the ord. of 26. Apl 1838 in place of Ferguson & to take an acct of hires of Albert & Lewy while in possn of Tho. Brooks & his exor & an acct of the use of other articles in dec'd T Brooks to F. Brooks & the worth of the articles &c & rept Sep 23. Exps. to acct by def. & acct recom'd to Comr to consider & rept. 1842 Ap 22 Cont