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The deposition of John Thompson Jr taken at the tavern house of [Hop Rich?] Lipscomb in the County of Goochland on the 19th day of September 1850 between the hours of six oclock A.M. and six oclock P.M. at the instance of the plaintiff to be read as evidence in a suit now pending in the Circuit Court of Goochland County in which Lewis Brooks is plaintiff and James M. Garland in his own right and as exr of Mary M. Garland deceased and others are defendants. The deponent John Thompson Jr being first duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposes and says as follows in answer to the following questions. 1st Question by plaintiff. Are you acquainted with the ngro woman Nancy the wife of the plaintiff Lewis Brooks and do you know whether the said negro woman Nancy ever held any conversation with James M Garland Exr of Mary M. Garland deceased as to per election of freedom or slavery under the will of said Mary M. Garland deceased? Answer to 1st Question I am acquainted with said negro Nancy and do know this said James M Garland held such conversation with her 2nd Question by same State the substance of said conversation as nearly as you now recollect. When said conversation was held, and about how long after the death of said Nancy M. Garland deceased. Ansr to 2nd Question Mr. Garland [illegible] to said negro in my presence that she was entitled to her freedom under the will of Miss Mary M Garland and asked her if she elected to be free. The said negro Nancy replied that she would have her freedom if she could have her husband and children to leave Virginia with her they conversing at the time as to her going to Liberia or to some free state Mr. Garland then stated that he would not purchase the said Lewis